MFT Lens Turbo II Flare

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Alan WF
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Longer Focal Lengths

Alan WF wrote:

I might look at that with my 50/1.4 and 100/2.8.

Yeah, they flare too.

I pointed the camera at an interior wall just below a brightly illuminated window. The window was just outside the top of the frame. I tested the New FD 100/2.8, 50/1.4, and 28/2.8 on an unbaffled LT2. I shot each lens wide open focused on the wall, once with no shade and once with a 15 x 20 cm piece of cardboard above and in front of the lens to shade it from the window. This is pretty much a torture test for this sort of flare.

Here is the BTS:

And here are the results. The top row is the 100/2.8, the middle row the 50/1.4, and the bottom row the 28/2.8. On the left, without the shade. On the right, with the shade.

So, yes, they all suffer from this flare.

Interesting, the flare changes character with focal length. With the 100/2.8, it seems to be a fairly uniform veiling. With the 50/1.4 and more so with the 28/2.8, the flare acquires more structure and is worse at the top of the frame.



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