Is there anyone out there actually using Batis 135?

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Re: Is there anyone out there actually using Batis 135?

kelly15 wrote:

Many bought Sony because of compactness but most (I believe) because of the file quality.

Indeed. That was my case, I could migrate from Canon EOS + Zeiss 21 Distagon to Sony A7 + Loxia 21 (or Tokina 20 these days).

If the logic of Zeiss is true if Sony enlarge their bodies, like they are doing a bit with A9, then they change completely the Batis range.

No they don't. There will always be small and large cameras; I have used my EOS 1 with f2.8 zoom, or with 50mm small lens. It is much more unbalanced to use a small camera with big lens, than large camera with small lens.

In no way I see Batis prices proportioned to their value. For sure they are grat lenses but just open to 1.8 or 2.8 consequently too expensive ( for sure in my opinion).


Unfortunately I do not see any Sony direct competition apart 85 1.8 FE which offers almost the same quality of Batis at half the price and 28 2.0 at one third.

On the 85 I agree, I have used both, and the Sony is really good value. On the 28, well, the Batis is 25, and is really better.

Many here are waiting for a 135 f2 or f1.8, which is fine. Sony no doubt will release that; but it will be even more expensive.

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