Is there anyone out there actually using Batis 135?

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Re: Is there anyone out there actually using Batis 135?

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Luis Gabriel Photography wrote:

Not all of us value size over other aspects and when it comes to IQ the Sigma is a stunning lens, not to mention the amazing blur from the 1.8 aperture and razor sharp performance wide open across the frame. So "mirrorless friendly" is not really an accurate term as it just depends on our own preferences and requirements.

Ok, how about if Zeiss chose to make the Batis f1.8 or f2, at about 1,200 kg and EUR 2,600? Mirrorless friendly means a compromise between size, weight, and balance on a smaller camera. For those wanting a Zeiss 135 f2, there is the Milvus. Indeed, my preference is for a lighter lens that I can carry around all day without a spinal injury:) The difference between f2.8 and f2 is irrelevant to me. But I accept it is important to others, of course.

If I wanted to carry a heavy lens, I would go for the GM 70-200.

Again "mirrorless friendly" has no meaning because is a term determined by your personal needs. So your needs are a lens that has a balance between size, weight and your camera. Great but that does not mean this is a "thing". For me, mirrorless friendly would be a lens that performs as it should when mounted on a mirrorless camera, ie wide lenses with sharp edges, etc. Size does not factor in nor weight for MY personal preferences, only IQ.
So not sure why this is even a discussion, you have your preferences, I have mine and others may have different ones...all about choices.

Ok, so I can add: the Batis 135 performs as it should when mounted on a mirrorless camera (why only wide lenses with sharp edges???), has stunning IQ, and great out of focus rendition. Using a lens that balances well on the camera where it is mounted it is very important.

Perhaps the meaning of "mirroless friendly" is better explained by Zeiss themselves:

“The advantage of Sony’s mirrorless full-frame system is that despite its compact size, it delivers exceptional image quality,” said Pollmann. It was important to build a comparably handy lens – in spite of the rather long focal length. We made a conscious decision to strike a balance between compactness, weight and speed. With an iris of f/2.8, the weight could be kept light and the measurements compact, without compromising on image quality. All this creates good balance on the camera and allows for pleasant and concentrated working. The lens’s optical design guarantees maximum imaging quality, even when the aperture is wide-open. The ZEISS Batis lenses are also protected against dust and spray water. Poor weather conditions therefore pose no problem so that users can let their creativity run free without any worries, even during outdoor shoots."

There, I think it is clear now.

Many bought Sony because of compactness but most (I believe) because of the file quality.

If the logic of Zeiss is true if Sony enlarge their bodies, like they are doing a bit with A9, then they change completely the Batis range.

In no way I see Batis prices proportioned to their value. For sure they are grat lenses but just open to 1.8 or 2.8 consequently too expensive ( for sure in my opinion).

Unfortunately I do not see any Sony direct competition apart 85 1.8 FE which offers almost the same quality of Batis at half the price and 28 2.0 at one third.

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