New A9 user saying hello - also shoot Olympus

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Re: You sum up my feelings wrt glass on small format

Yes to using Oly M1 ii, mostly with the PL100-400. The better half also uses Oly M1ii and between us 20+ mFT lenses-her favorite the 300/4 pro.

Before I go any further, if anyone doubts what can be done with the Oly M1ii surf her flickr page for just a few moments-

I also shoot A7Rii and now a9.

I've been in the EOS world for years and with the advent of the a9 finally pulled the plug and have divested myself of many Canon bodies and lenses over the last couple of weeks (there is a 1DXii listed at FM's buy/sell thread as an example).  I always said if Sony would give me a native 400mm (only 14 days until the FE100-400!!) I'd leave Canon...once I found my 400DOii works for AF and AF-tracking on the a9 I began selling before the arrival of the FE100-400

But the OP asked for a comparison between the Oly M1ii and the a9 if I read that right?

Lots of similarities (doesn't Sony own 10% of Olympus), so you'd expect the IS of the a9 to be strongly reminiscent of the M1ii and it is. Viewfinders on both are huge and outstanding...the nod to the a9's which is so HD like. Frame rates on both are stupendous but here lies a critical difference.....the a9 has solved rolling shutter for things that move fast whereas the M1ii has not using e-shutter. A real world issue-nah, the M1ii's mechanical is mighty quick.   The sensor size difference is obvious but so is the lens weight blah blah blah.

Now wouldn't it have been wonderful if Sony had given the a9 the same stile LCD as the Olympus?

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