MFT Lens Turbo II Flare

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Re: Other People's Experience

Alan WF wrote:

Has anyone else seen this problem with their focal reducer?

I’ve searched for references to this problem with the LT2, and I can’t find any. This surprises me; the flare was very obvious the first time I took a back-lit photograph. I bought my LT2 quite recently, so I wonder if Zhongyi have changed the mechanical design of the lens barrel so that recent ones flare.

I’ve also not found any references to this problem with the MetaBones SpeedBooster™. This has larger optics than the LT2, so it should be less susceptible. I’d also not be surprised if the barrel was better designed to avoid reflections, given the higher quality of the design and manufacturing of the SpeedBooster. Perhaps Brian might like to comment on this.



Alan, thanks for the trouble that you have taken here.  Such detailed work must provide a valuable reference point.

Mentioning Metabones and Speedbooster in one post should attract Brian's attention

My own little comment is that I may be too casual to notice issues.  If something doesn't work out I tend to just assume that my skills are to blame and my good shots were just a lucky streak.

I do have some Zhongyi (MkI only) from way back and I have not used them for quite awhile.  I do have some RJ made dumb focal reduction adapters for M4/3 and I will see if I can see if they are particularly glare prone.  RJ have been poor marketers and more often than not don't even bother to brand their product, but I have been happy enough to keep using them so far.

But I can say that my two Metabones adapters are well flocked up inside and I presume that this indicates that some serious attention has been given to internal reflections already.

But Brian is the oracle - I am simply an accountant spending my kids inheritance

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