Is there anyone out there actually using Batis 135?

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Re: Is there anyone out there actually using Batis 135?

oriomenoni wrote:

With it's stellar price tag of 2000$ for an f2.8 lens, I still have to meet someone in my photographic acquaintances that has actually purchased the lens and is using it.
Yet, the lens seems to deliver!
However, with only 500$ or so more needed to get the 70-200 G Master (also f2.8), there doesn't seem to be much reasons left to go for the Batis. Especially now that Sony has announced a new 135 that is likely to be faster.
So... anyone out there using the Zeiss beast and wanting to share some images?

As a huge fan of 135mm, I just can't bring myself to a 135 F2.8 lens while I already have an excellent Zeiss 135 F2 APO and Samyang 135 F2, it's not even about the cost, I am willing to trade my 135 APO with a new Milvus 135 for few hundred bucks more than the Batis but will not want to go back to a F2.8 lens, also I don't like the MF ring on all Batis lens, if this one is same as the the other Batis I have or had before, so I will pass this time. some people mentioned the Sigma 135 above, now that's the lens I will get, after trying my friend's new toy, I think I will get one myself very soon. G.A.S kicked in again........( disclaimer: Size and weight means nothing to me in gear selection, in fact I am the one complaining A7R II being too small all the time and wish Nikon buys this sensor and put in in their D5 body, so......)

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