Is there anyone out there actually using Batis 135?

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Re: Is there anyone out there actually using Batis 135?

biza43 wrote:

oriomenoni wrote:

With it's stellar price tag of 2000$ for an f2.8 lens, I still have to meet someone in my photographic acquaintances that has actually purchased the lens and is using it.

Batis is not the type of lens I see often being used. Actually, Sony ILCE 7 is not a system I see people using around me. Small market I suppose.

Yet, the lens seems to deliver!
However, with only 500$ or so more needed to get the 70-200 G Master (also f2.8), there doesn't seem to be much reasons left to go for the Batis.

The Batis 135 weighs around 600g, less than half the weight of the zoom. That is reason enough for me (I am saving for one). I think Zeiss made the right choice of making a lens that is robust, light weight, fits well with the ILCE cameras, and it is optically probably perfect for all purposes and intents. Of course they could have made it f2, but then it would be the size and weight of the Milvus 135; not really "mirrorless-friendly".

Especially now that Sony has announced a new 135 that is likely to be faster.

Have they?

Mirrorless friendly or not the value os this lens is not 2000 euro IMHO.

Around 800/1000 euro it is acceptable as the only benefit compared to Sigma 135 is the reduction of weight.

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