7DII Manual Auto-ISO with 600EX-RT

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Re: 7DII Manual Auto-ISO with 600EX-RT

vett93 wrote:

MarshallG wrote:

vett93 wrote:

I also use HSS. So shutter speed will also impact flash portion of exposure.

I can set the ambient exposure and flash exposure both at some negative compensations. Together they yield the exposure I want.

Shutter speed has no impact on flash exposure in HSS mode. But the problem here is that you're too smart for your own good. You think you already understand flash exposure, and I'm telling you... you don't understand it. My explanation went right through you, because you think you already understand this. You should throw away what you know, because it's wrong, and then study the work of a master.

When you have a different understanding from others', do you always assume others' understanding is incorrect?

Shutter speed has no impact on flash exposure in HSS mode? Where did you learn your basic camera handling? Come on now, you can do better than this.

Set your camera at ISO 100 and F2.8, and set your flash at Manual mode and 1/4 power. Then set your shutter speeds at 1/500 and /4,000, and take photos. Come back and tell us if shutter speed has impact on exposure.

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I said that shutter speed has no impact on flash exposure.

I'm done with you, dude. You think you know everything, so your only purpose here is that when the camera doesn't produce the result you want, you say it's a bug. But I'm telling you that your understanding is incomplete. You refuse to accept it, so keep taking your pictures and have a nice life.

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