Canon vs. 3rd party lens hood

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Re: Canon vs. 3rd party lens hood

MisterBG wrote:

I think it's pretty disgusting that Canon don't supply lens hoods with ALL their lenses, and not just "L" series.
Hoods are a necessity, not an "extra" and by overpricing them, Canon are losing business, as people seek after-market alternatives.

Except for a few well-known cases of "kit" lenses, whenever I buy a lens from Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, Tamron or Samyang, I always find a lens hood in the box. In many cases, there is also a lens pouch in the box.

The only term I can think of regarding Canon's practice is "milking." It's about collecting the pennies, not really about "delighting" (or, at least, "conveniencing") the customers.

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