New A9 user saying hello - also shoot Olympus

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Re: New A9 user saying hello - also shoot Olympus

Exactly the same as you.... Came from Canon FF and moved to Olympus ending up on the em1-mkii which is a brilliant camera for just getting out of the way. micro 4/3 well, we know what it can do (more than most people think) and what it can't and within those boundaries it's a great light weight bit of kit.

Of course being human, I always wished it was FF even knowing that it would give away size/weight then.

I owned but didn't care for the previous A7 models. Clunky loud shutters even in the II incarnations, weird UI just made the experience less enjoyable.

Tried the A9 and bang. I've become strangely attached to it over the last few weeks. I shoot jpg out of camera and I try my best to get things right in the moment. That's my thing, I'm not a huge post processor. Sony colours never felt "right" to me, but the a9 is really pleasing to me eye straight OOC. My A7 owning friends say I could've worked to get the a7r2 to do the same, I'm sure they're right, but the a9 just delivered it out of the box.

Fast, responsive, silent if I need it to be although Im working with artificial shutter sound on at the moment to comfort me.

Autofocus is stellar and way beyond what I've had before from mirrorless.

I'm loving the lenses too. 24-70GM is beating what I got from my canon 24-70, 55mm 1.8 amazes me each time I use it.

I've kept the olympus with 24-70 2.8 because it's always been amazing and 12-100 because it's great light vacation combination.

I'll always have a special place in my heart for Canon where I started. I don't know what I'll do if/when they wake up and do some fantastic mirrorless. Have to wait and see

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