Dual System shooter again

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Re: Dual System shooter again

Reading that post my first question is what uses is the A9 going to be used for?  Maybe I missed it but the only specific example I saw was the the Olympus would be used for hiking or when you want something smaller... but there were no specifics on what your main type of shooting is. I'm assuming it's action photography based on your choice of the A9 but your only portfolio is of landscapes.  What those types of action photos are, what the final output will be, and if they're for clients would all give a better idea of your situation as well as your current thoughts on how you'd split up the workflow.

But I can give some general thoughts on it.  Since you seem to like primes I would (and did) move in that direction but with the smaller f1.8 lenses.  m4/3 for me is the system I use when I want a quality image but don't require all the technical abilities of my DSLRs.  So with that in mind I bought lenses with size, quality, and price all being concerns since this is a secondary system to me and m4/3 has a lot of great options.  So much so that they have been used in more and more gigs.  The other nice thing is that those lenses can be had for cheap used, and they're so small that carrying a multi lens kit isn't much of a burden.  My Tamron 70-300VC which isn't even that large of a FF lens won't fit in the bag that I carry 2 OM-D bodies and 5 lenses.  That's the strength of m4/3 and when you have the absolute in image quality covered by another system it let's you really go all out in making a still high quality but relatively tiny kit.

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