New A9 user saying hello - also shoot Olympus

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Re: New A9 user saying hello - also shoot Olympus

I have been using M43 since 2009 with the Panasonic G1 as my first camera. After that several other Panasonics and since 2014 it has been Olympus bodys. Lenses like you, a mix from both vendors.

In the autumn of 2015 I got my A7RII. First it was just for landscape use with the FE16-35/4 since that combo is size wise and especially weight wise almost the same as an Oly body with the 7-14/2,8 on. But I could do my sunset photography and pull up the shadows in a way I couldn't on the Oly. I also got a FE35/1,4 prime to use for low light images, also with a rather big improvement over my M43 performance.

I thought I would stay there and use M43 for the rest but over these soon two years my FE system has grown with more lenses since I have pulled the trigger when photo shops here have had different discount campaigns with good prices. I now have redundancy in some lenses and don't really know with foot to stand on since the systems have different strengths.

Lately I have been starting to use my fathers old Minolta MC lenses from the late 60s on my A7RII and they are a lot of fun and produce some results that modern lenses don't. They never really flew on M43 with the crop factor I got there, just felt wrong without really adding anything, but on an FF sensor they come to life.

I shot mainly nature and what lives in it, this since the nature is always there and available, it is close to where I live, and it never has opinions on how I render it or what image to use or not. It can be a little grumpy weather wise at times though, but I never really hesitated to pull out my Oly stuff in those conditions. I am a little more nervous if my Sony gets rained or snowed on though.

I also do some city landscapes at times and I do shot people, either during a "booked" session, often outdoors or natural light indoors. And some events/gatherings indoors/outdoors.

I don't really need the 42 Mpix my A7RII has but it is nice to have at times to be able to crop a little without loosing to much quality but I could live with less pixels as well. My storage certainly can...

I am pretty happy with the AF on the A7RII as is but I could use the AF from the A9 at times. I have been looking at the E-MmkII and upgrade there but I feel that I always are at high ISOs on my E-MmkI when I use it so the better high-ISO of the A9 would be nicer. But the price is too high for me, so maybe the rumored A7III will do if it has the same AF but less fps which is fine. I also can live with one card slot etc since a failure would be bad but not the end of the world since I don't shot pro that often anymore. Photography is a hobby for me again and a way to get out of the home. It's like having a dog, a reason to get out, get some fresh air and get some shutter therapy.

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