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Re: Sexist Forum?

I have been into digital photography since I purchased a 950 when it first hit the market and now have the 990. From the day I stumbled into this forum, I have received extremely helpful answers to my questions, and like Ruth stated, I have always tried to avoid "repeat" questions.

I notice that sometimes the newbie questions go unanswered, but I don't see a direct correlation of male vs female. I do feel that many questions are sometimes so basic, ie; "where are my menus" that sometimes there is no response. On the other hand, I have learned SO much from all the great people here and I don't think my questions have had "weighted" responses.

I would also like to say that I own every (well almost) piece of gear available to the 990 and from a technical aspect, I can go on and on and on (ask my husband) about the camera and a particular shot. I visit the forum more than once a day and although I don't always post, I read EVERYTHING. Yes indeed, ladies can be VERY addicted to photography.

A strong factor in your assessment may be that males do dominate this forum, making the majority of the "reponses" from men. I just wish there were more women out there to even the scales. Maybe that would help balance the postings and replies. Unfortunately, we are few.

But the reality is that we all, MALE or FEMALE come here because we love photography and cameras we use to one degree of another. That what it's all about, to laugh, learn and most of all, have fun.

Take care,
Nancy ; )

Sal Giambruno wrote:

I believe I am noticing a sexist trend in this NG. To wit, when a
female (or someone with a feminine pen) posts a message,
interesting or not, she ends up with a flood of replies, most of
which are overly elaborate. On the other hand, when a male posts,
unless the question is of great interest, it goes largely
unnoticed. Is this a "Damsel in Distress" syndrome, or are my
observations without merit?

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