Upgrade from D7000 to D7500

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Upgrade from D7000 to D7500

Mine just arrived today. To be perfectly honest, if the opportunity hadn't come up I wouldn't have upgraded, the D7000 would have done fine for me for a long time coming. Just some quick first day thoughts:

- Others have commented, the placement of the Fn1 button is right on the tip of your right middle finger. This makes surprisingly easy to do back front focusing with the front buttons, its quite ergonomic

- Maybe it's because its fresh out of the box, but not completely happy with the tactile feel of the buttons and dials... they either feel just a bit too tight or don't have enough travel. I honestly can't remember if my old camera was like this when it was new.

- Compared to the D7000, the D7500 is noticeably light. I still keep an old Tamron 17-50 as my main, and it feels front heavy on the new body, which is saying something as it isn't a big lens.

- SnapBridge setup was fairly painless for me. I'm pairing it with a OnePlus X, which is a bit of a kooky out-of-the-way phone, but really, no problems. It's not a great implementation, but I hope Nikon actually does something with it because it has potential.

- The focus is very much better, very precise very sure. 3D tracking feels solid, it stays planted with the first point of focus for the large part. Happy to see Group Area as an AF option, really liked it when using the D750.

- I don't mind the missing 2nd card slot, since I basically used it as *physical* storage of my second card on the D7000, and ran off of Slot 1 almost 90% of the time. I think most people used it this way whether they admit it or not. Your mileage may vary, to each his own.

- I don't mind the Canon-style strap lugs, but the asymmetric positioning is an annoyance. I think I see why Nikon couldn't line them up exactly, as the anchor point on the right hand side coincides with the LCD display, but Canon has an elegant solution to this by turning the right strap lug vertical. I actually don't miss the traditional Nikon lugs; though technically superior, I was always a bit self-conscious about the rattling they made when doing event shooting.

- Stills file quality is a given. This to me is the biggest crying shame about Nikon's current position; they have the best file quality, the best metering and the best focus tracking and yet they get pilloried everyday on the internet.

- No hotshoe cover? BS-1 is something like $2. I kinda mind and I kinda don't.

- Haven't tried the video yet, but don't expect to do more than 1080p. Lack of focus peaking in live view is annoying... the camera is internally focus peaking as part of it's AF operation, it wouldn't be that much harder to give a visual representation of what is essentially high-pass filtering.

- I think most people will like the ISO button on the top plate, but I would prefer the metering button as it was before. Also: coming from the D7000, focal-length aware Auto-ISO is very welcome.

- The direction pad is a bit low for my liking; it wouldn't be so bad if it was larger in diameter. I think the ship has sailed and the D500 / X-T2 style rubber nub joystick is the way to go.

- While not the worst, diving into the manual is a bit of a chore. (Here's looking at you Sony. You call that pamphlet a manual?) Mostly because you don't read if all the way through, you want to search for that one piece of new information because you've used a Nikon before. Not that easiest. I ended up downloading the PDF's (two of them, 1 basic and one more menu options) and doing a Crtl-F looking for what I wanted to find.

Long story short is that I like this camera and am happy with it, but it is taking some getting used to because of the overall difference in tactile feel and heft. More than anything else though, the light heft makes me really want to shoot primes with it... properly sized DX primes. This and something like a 23F2 DX or a 16F2.8 DX would be absolutely wonderful for light travel.

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