Maybe stop overreacting to the word, "Invest"?

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Maybe stop overreacting to the word, "Invest"?

Lately I've seen threads in which people wrote about possibly "investing" in a new camera. Then of course one or two people would jump on the thread and proclaim that a camera is never an investment because you'll never be able to sell that camera for more than you paid. I'm tired of the narrow (and wrong) interpretation of the word "invest" as well as the attitude that accompanies it.

  • In the business world, one wouldn't say that one has to make more money from the subsequent sale of a tool in order for it to be an investment. The key is the idea that the camera is a tool and not a commodity for resale. You can "invest" in a tool even if you won't get more money out of the sale of that tool at a future point. That tool can potentially be used to make more money than the cost of the purchase, so it can be an actual investment. Happens in business all the time, including in photography.
  • In a more common sense, the word "invest" can be appropriate even if actual financial return isn't involved. Yes, you can "invest" in something that will enrich your life. The returns in this case are not financial, but very real nonetheless. I imagine this is the sense of the word, "invest," that most on these forums would (appropriately) use.

SO, please stop overreacting when you see that word, lol!

Thank you very much.

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