No Dual Card slot = 6DII Achilies heel? Locked

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Re: No Dual Card slot = 6DII Achilies heel?

XeroJay wrote:

vin 13 wrote:

That being said, how much would it have added to the price to have included the second slot? A second SD slot shouldn't take up too much bulk either. A few hundred perhaps? Whilst that would probably be acceptable to lot of people, considering the price of a 5D4, but it would probably put a lot of other people off.

There's no way it would cost a few hundred extra to include a second media slot. Probably not even $50 more. If Nikon can do it for even less, then Canon should be able to.

All of this whining is meaningless.   The 6D II does not have the features you want.  Get over it, get a different camera.

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