Wireless Remote for OMD EM1-II

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Re: Wireless Remote for OMD EM1-II - Backup Phone

Michael Meissner wrote:

srvdp1 wrote:

I will be heading to Iceland next week and was wondering if anyone has tried OI.Share on a backup phone? My thought process is that if I limit its use to a remote shutter and geotagging, I would still have my normal phone to use with longer battery life. I wouldn't have a data plan on the backup phone, but the geotagging and WiFi should work normally. I do have a simple Canon wired remote for backup purposes, but will test it at home this week.

Well, this is a case, assuming you already have the backup phone, it is probably simpler to try it, rather than waiting for somebody to answer the question.

I didn't get to test the full range of capabilities it think I will use the backup phone and OI.Share for geotagging only. I will be doing some longer shots with ND filters (waterfalls) and that's not easy to do on the screen. Holding it down for 30+ seconds isn't really easy nor is hitting it again to stop the exposure. More testing tomorrow

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