5D IV iso worse than 6D?

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Re: Ridiculous

MSpol wrote:

I find your statement about being ridiculous a bit harsh.

What if my copy of the 5D has a sensor issue and needs repairs? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

I'm just notice more noise than I thought I would. Compared to my 6D and my wife's M5. I do understand that more MP = more possible viewable noise but my 5D's noise level doens't look on par with photo's I see on the internet.

I sold my 6D (as for funding the 5D....) but when I look back on RAW photo's taken with the 6D the amount of noise is so much lower.......it worries me. Maybe my 5D does have an issue with the sensor or something like that.

I'll see if I can take some pictures and post them tonight. I'm very curious what you guys/girls think.

I didn't mean to be harsh. I shoot raw "89%" of the time so I edit out objectionable noise in ACR or Neat Image. With this newer cam, the noise is far less of a problem since I now use auto-ISO up to 25,600. I never used auto-ISO on any cam before. Maybe your 5D has an issue? Anything lower than ISO 1600 with my 5D4 is really clean.

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