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Thanks for that Mark. So the LUT is based on adjustments. To me, this suggests LUTs will only provide consistent results if both the image it was created from, and the image you are working on, both start with neutral (or equal) colour casts. (Otherwise, if they do not start from the same neutrality, what became aqua for one may become cyan for another?). This is controllable if we are making our own LUTs, but not necessarily if we are downloading those made by others. Of course it also brings into question, "what is the definition of neutral" for I know about 4 different methods to achieve neutrality on two different editing systems, and all 4 will offer similar yet slightly different results. I can see it is a complicated subject! Ah well, my question has been answered, thanks very much!

If you look under lumetri color in Premiere pro you will see there are two places you can add LUTs.

The first is under 'basic correction' with the idea that the LUT creates a neutral starting point - a popular one being Rec.709. These LUTs tend to be camera specific/WB specific/and contrast/saturation/sharpness settings specific.

Then under 'look' in 'creative' you can add another LUT which is a look/color grade such as teal/orange.

Sometimes people create/sell a LUT that combine these two LUTs together. Basically a LUT is simply a fancy word for a preset.

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