6D MKII Disapointing Focus Points Spread

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Re: 6D MKII Disapointing Focus Points Spread

dpr4bb wrote:

Lawn Lends wrote:

Ya gotta spend another $1,000 if you want to stay with Canon and not focus and recompose. This is no accident.

I don't have a problem with paying more to get more, but I have a problem with being forced into carrying an unnecessarily large and unwieldy body because of crass gamesmanship.

Yes, it's not an accident. It's the result of a modus operandi that tries to annoy customers into buying the largest and heaviest DSLR possible. That's the only monetization play they have.

I too have been hoping to give up on focus and compose, I think I have missed a lot of shots because of moving subjects and trying to focus and recompose at the same time. Maybe my hopes were too high, as others have pointed out, even the 5D4 doesnt have the distribution of focus points that the 80D has. But if anything needed to be improved on the 6D, it was the coverage of the AF. They could have put all that sensor development money into a new AF system, and added it to the same 6D body, and I would have been happier.

But there is an alternative. Focus peaking will turn areas in focus bright red when using a lens on manual focus - and it does it anywhere in the viewfinder. Now as far as I can tell, this requires an EVF (aka "mirrorless" to Canonites) and since Canon doesnt have an EVF FF camera, so we will have to look elsewhere for the time being.

Oh and I dont care for liveview, though it might be better on the 5D4. The 6D rear screen is way to small for useful liveview in fast-moving situations, but the rear LCD is still good enough for chimping.

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