6D MKII Disapointing Focus Points Spread

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Re: 6D MKII Disapointing Focus Points Spread

J A C S wrote:

aftab wrote:

Here is an overlay of 6D and 6DII. Collected from net, so there maybe an error, but I think this is pretty close. 6D is red and other colors are 6DII.

So, it appears that horizontally there are two points in 6D outside 6DII forcus area.

Your subject is very unlikely to be along the horizontal middle line, so the 6D2 AF points at the corners of the AF cluster are the ones relevant for off center AF. This actually makes the 6D2 module slightly better. Still, it could have been even better.

Yes, it could have been better. But that would have meant encroaching into 5D IV territory which they obviously didn't want to do. Cost was another consideration. I don't know if there was a physical limitation in putting a larger AF sensor in 6DII body.

I think lots of folks coming from APS-C are surprised to see 'smaller' AF area in a FF body. But FF shooters have done just fine for ages with similar spread of AF points.

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