6D MKII Disapointing Focus Points Spread

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The dprewiew video: https://www.dpreview.com/videos/4599793823/video-first-look-at-the-canon-eos-6d-mark-ii shows the 6D2 focus points very close to the center of the frame. Scaling an image from this video and comparing to images of the 6D viewfinder, I get the conclusion that the spread of the focus points in the new 6D2 (12.5 mm) is narrower than in the original 6D (14.5 mm).



Having 45 focus points clustered in the middle of the frame is less useful than having less points, but with a wider spread. Canon must be using the same autofocus module as in the rebels and 80D. Both the spread and the size of the markers is too small for a full frame camera.

Is Canon expecting 6D users to crop all photos with off-center compositions? Was it that expensive to increase the focus points spread to cover more of the full frame sensor?

Reusing the autofocus module from Rebels and the 80D is a very poor design choice.

I think your scaling isn't right. The AF Array spread seems to actually be near Identical from what I have seen.

I would be glad if I am wrong. Can you explain why you think the spread is the same?

The 2 cameras have different total viewfinder coverage percentages and the AF array FoV area is different.  I think you'll find that when you actually map the AF Array coverage...the two will be close to same in the vertical and horizontal with the 6DmrkII having a significant increase in total area covered.

Don't forget that the boxes are just boxes and don't actually represent the AF array true coverage.

My scaling is to the center of the focus points, not to the edges of the boxes

Then you are defiantly not measuring/comparing the real/actual AF FoV.

Total FoV of the new PDAF array is likely significantly increased in area over the older unit...and near same in terms of vertical/horizontal dimensions.

My impression is that is about the same. When I read that the 6D2 would have 45 points, I was hoping it would be better.

You will have to map it to find out.  I do that with all my new cameras to see where the AF FoV actually is.  In many cases the boxes don't line up perfectly and the actual area covered is quite different

Limiting factor is really mirror box/flange distance/dimensions and how it relates to the FF image circle.

I understand that the spread in FF cameras is typically narrower than in crop cameras. However, the spread in the 6D2 is far from what it is possible.

You won't know until you actually see/measure the AF unit box decisions and map the AF arrays.

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My opinions are my own and not those of DPR or its administration. They carry no 'special' value (except to me and Lacie of course)

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