6D MKII Disapointing Focus Points Spread

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Re: 6D MKII Disapointing Focus Points Spread

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Any photographer worth their salt with focus and recompose. If this is a problem because of trying to focus on a moving object - you need to realise this isn't what the camera is designed for.

It is also a problem with static subjects relative to the frame, if you are waiting to get the right facial expression and your subject is not in the center. In this situation, using focus and recompose would make you miss the right moment. A wider framing and cropping would be the only option, unless you want to use live view.

Luckily, the 6D mk II has Af points outside of the center, near the rule of thirds lines.

It does. It would be nice, if they covered more of the frame. My typical framing of people in portrait orientation puts the faces or eyes outside the center 1/3 of the frame.

The 6D2 may be the first Canon full frame camera that uses the focus module from a crop camera. The 5D, 5Dii and 6D had few focus points but they were designed for full frame.

Stop writing that line, it is not true. The 5D had the same 9 point AF module as you have seen with the EOS 20D, 30D. The same spread and pattern continued with the 5D mk II (and the EOS 450D, 40D, 50D, 60D).

The 6D had the same spread again. AF modules are not designed for APS-C or FF. They are designed to fit what you want in the size available. The 5D mk IV and 1D-X offer a wider coverage, but those AF modules will be larger and need more height. The module for the 6D mk II is not "designed for APS-C". It is a module designed to give 45 AF points in a certain form factor that will fit into a relatively compact body like the 6D mk II, 80D, 77D, where the space the AF module on the bottom of the mirror box can occupy limited space.

I would have preferred a continuation of that approach with a wider spread, even if the number of points was less than 45.

Then you need to get a body like the 5D mk IV for instance, which offers more room for bigger AF modules.

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