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Re: QZSD tripods/ballheads

johnrey19 wrote:

is Q-668 the most high end tripod for zomei. how does it differs from the other zomei tripods?

I bought the the Zomei Q666 Updated version  last year for about $89.99 on Amazon, after a $70 credit that came out to $19.99. For about $20 How could I go wrong? After looking at Manfrotto, 3 Legged Thing, MeFOTO, and others, they look they were ALL made from some Chinese Company with different branding. I could be wrong, put if you were to Zomei, MeFOTO, 3LT, and many others, remove the branding, remove the coloring, etc., and then set them next to each other and ask an informed consumer to pick out and identify each tripod -- I suspect that it would be next to impossible between Zomie and the vastly more expensive MeFOTO. This is an EXCELLENT tripod.  Is there some great hidden feature between a Manfrotto or a Gitzo  Traveller Tripods that make them up to $500 more?

The Zomei is NOT a studio tripod, but many if not all of the "Traveller Tripods" have the EXACT same features, so why pay hundreds more? Probably the major difference between the Mag Al Q666 and the Carbon Fibre version the Q666c  and the many look alike clones is the use of Carbon Fibre which makes the Tripod lighter.

What would be REALLY COOL would be someone would take a Gitzo, and Manfrotto, a 3 LeggedThing, a MeFOTO, and a [Brand] Q666 test them and then CUT THEM APART  to produce a Cross-sectional  View . I suspect from an internal point of view THEY WOULD ALL LOOK THE SAME -- I could be wrong but I doubt it. If they all have twist locks, guess what the weak point in ALL the tripods is? The Twist Lock!!  So exactly WHAT are you paying HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS MORE for?  A "Name Brand" --vs-- a Generic Chinese made Brand. It would not shock me if  "Name Brand" was made made in the exact same shop as the Generic Chinese Brands.  The only thing that sets them apart besides the name is the Anodizing.  I don't pay twice the price for a MeFOTO  and it bright Anodizing over the virtually identical Zomei Q666 Updated Version that only comes in Basic Black.

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