6D MKII Disapointing Focus Points Spread

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Re: 6D MKII Nice Focus Points Spread

Le Kilt wrote:

sssanti wrote:

The dprewiew video: https://www.dpreview.com/videos/4599793823/video-first-look-at-the-canon-eos-6d-mark-ii shows the 6D2 focus points very close to the center of the frame. Scaling an image from this video and comparing to images of the 6D viewfinder, I get the conclusion that the spread of the focus points in the new 6D2 (12.5 mm) is narrower than in the original 6D (14.5 mm).



Having 45 focus points clustered in the middle of the frame is less useful than having less points, but with a wider spread. Canon must be using the same autofocus module as in the rebels and 80D. Both the spread and the size of the markers is too small for a full frame camera.

Is Canon expecting 6D users to crop all photos with off-center compositions? Was it that expensive to increase the focus points spread to cover more of the full frame sensor?

Reusing the autofocus module from Rebels and the 80D is a very poor design choice.

LOL, personnally, whether on FF or APS-C I only use the centre AF point or a centre group of 9 AF points. Whether for portraits, sports, events, wildlife, BIFs or landscapes as a pro.

I suppose for point and shoot when you want the camera to find faces anywhere and focus on one, more AF points could be very useful, or having it track something that's the moving all over the place when using a tripod.

Different visions and different uses

Same here they have the areas where I compose 98% of my images covered.  This is a nice upgrade over the 6D which I love for what I use it for.  As usual Canon has produce a camera  photographers will use and enjoy while gear heads will shake their heads and wonder why the uncouth masses buy Canon.

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