Yongnuo YN24EX twin flash user experience + diffusers

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Re: Yongnuo YN24EX twin flash user experience + diffusers

I was intending to send a review for your blog. I haven't done much normal macro photography this year, and more just recording species.

I intend to make some specific diffusers just for this flash. I've found an online computer aided design CAD feature for designing items for 3D printing. I tried various CAD software before but it was too complex for the quite simple shapes and designs I wanted to make. I would make the concave diffusers so they joined in the middle with flattened ends. The idea would be that the catchlight would be a more natural curved arch rather than 2 ovals. Properly shaped these could be versatile diffusers. Providing nearly as good diffusion as the long curved light tent on the end of the lens, but with a much smaller footprint, that doesn't go over the subject. It would also be possible to make much shorter diffusers for much more skittish subjects.

The biggest problem so far has been finding the right shaped plastic domes, but if you can make them to the shape and size you want it would be much better.

I'm surprised no one else picked up on the idea, because an inverted dome concave diffuser completely reshapes the light for perfectly even light distribution. The other think is that they are very efficient. Without the diffuser gel cover, they are as powerful as the bare heads because the light is focused. Most people are still stuck in the mistaken idea that you want a macro diffusers to scatter light all over the place like a normal flash diffuser. That is fine in a room with reflective walls and ceilings, but pointless out in the field. You just want the light concentrated in the area where your subject is, and the bit that fills the frame.

I made these in just a couple of hours with the plastic domes from my old MT24EX diffusers. Actually they are generally very good, and these three images are taken with them illustrate how versatile they are as they work close-up with the MP-E 65mm, extension tubes on the EF-S 60mm macro or 100mm f2.8 L IS macro with a Raynox close-up lens, to more distant larger objects with the 100mm macro.

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