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Re: Don't Forget You Can't Do Landscape with M43

Stacey_K wrote:

markymark101 wrote:

I also have to chuckle every time I read M43 doesn't have sufficient resolution for landscape,

Right, the whole pixel peeping thing is absurd. To see, in print, details you might see zoomed in to 100% on an over 20mp camera (Or even 12mp) will be an absurdly large print viewed from inches away.

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Yep and classic painters should not paint landscapes either, talk about lack of resolution and details in all those classic landscape paintings. One gets up closer than say 3 feet and all they  tend to see in classic landscape paintings are  brush strokes, blobs/dabs of paint and  scrapes  and marks  with other tools.  Pfft, who needs a classic landscape painting when one can get a 50 MP camera and  take clearly higher resolution images so a viewer can  stand nose to photograph and  check to see the pixel depth.

But, but, but, go to an art gallery and you will see people  get up close to paintings too, Um yeah! they do only to try to see the techniques and style of painting  the artist   did/does. These viewers will then step back 6-7-8-9-10+ feet to then soak up the whole painting.

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