Fuji X100T as the only main camera?

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Re: Fuji X100T as the only main camera?

KLH475 wrote:

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With the money you save by getting the T, you can go on a quick trip and easily get satisfaction from experience rather than gear. In fact, the first camera I used when starting off in digital photography was the Canon 50D, almost a 10 year old camera that still performs very well in today's standards.

And a special thanks to the people in previous posts who helped me choose either the T or F, I'm loving the T a lot.

ktmei, you got me thinking and reviewing my decision and what I want out of buying an expensive camera. I've read every single review of both the X100T and X100F comparing them, looked at zillions of photos and today I made a decision that so far has me a lot happier about my decision than I have been.

First I cancelled the X100F. THEN I purchased a used Excellent+ condition Fuji X30 12mp camera - it's about the same size as the X100s, it has a 28-112mm equivalent lens, it has most of the film simulations and I checked out tons of photos on Flickr and anywhere else I could find them and the IQ is very nice and the colors are "very Fuji" - $399. I breathed a sigh of relief and it will suit me much better to start at a lower price point and see how I feel about owning a Fuji etc.

I did not know this camera existed until today

Photograph Blog review


Fuji website info


Flickr page


I've been shooting with the 2MP camera on my ancient Blackberry - 12mp is a 600% jump!

Here are a couple of 2MP BB photos!

Berkeley Hills looking out on Berkeley and the SF Bay

Sunrise on Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento

I just remembered that my first post  (or one of them) in dpreview forums was me at a crossroads, having to choose between the X30 and the X100S/T. In the end I went with the X100T and couldn't be happier. Read it if you are interested, it's full of different perspectives and tips.

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