Yongnuo YN24EX twin flash user experience + diffusers

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Re: Yongnuo YN24EX twin flash user experience + diffusers

orionmystery wrote:

Great write-up on the YN24EX, Stephen. Thanks for showing us your new concave diffuser too. The light on the ladybird looks great. I would be interested in seeing a frontal shot a jumping spider, or profile of a frog to see what the catch lights are like!

Thanks Kurt. I went out to find some more testing subjects the other day. Unfortunately on the fence where I usually find quite a few jumping spiders I only found this one Zebra spider and she wasn't very cooperative, and kept turning away from me. I managed to grab this one shot before she turned away completely. As you can see I just missed focus on the eye, but it's enough to see what the catchlights are like. The catchlights are a bit predictable. I can use a front light tent in addition to these as long you raise the flash heads up.

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