G1 takes better pics than 300D!?!?

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Re: G1 takes better pics than 300D!?!?

A DSLR doesn't make you a good photographer.

skutsch wrote:

Ed Shropshire wrote:

A DSLR is not a P&S. Not because it does not work in P mode, but
because of the final image. I have just spent the last 30 min.
printing some wedding pictures from my 10D. Looking at them on the
computer I see a flat dull image. My G1 takes a much better picture
straight out of the camera.

But with a DSLR now the magic begins. I spend a little time in
photoshop, levels, curves and sharpening etc... and the pictures
are little short of stunning. I always am amazed. Why is this,
because the Canon engineers designed a camera for you to decide how
to process the images. But if you don't want to post process I
would not recommend a DSLR. If you do, then you will get images
that will so far surpass prosummer cameras that you will be amazed.

Is this really true that a G1 takes BETTER pictures than a 10D (and
therefore a 300D)? I don't mind the idea that to make really GREAT
pictures I'll have to learn a lot, get decent lenses, and work with
the camera. But I'd also like to think that a 300D in P or dumb
modes takes at least as good a picture as a G1 in the same modes.
Is this wrong? Is Ed right? I'm a P&Shooter who's willing to make
the jump, nay I was eager, but this post makes me think twice.

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