OK, I've done it..

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flip 21
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Re: OK, I've done it..

markyboy81 wrote:

flip 21 wrote:

markyboy81 wrote:

Maybe I'm mad, but soon I should have all the lenses for the NX system, as well as an NX1 and Nx500!

Well, technically not all the lenses - I'd still be lacking the 18-55mm and 20-50mm, but I'm happy enough with the 16-50mm pz to bother with either of those!

I never intended to get all the lenses, but picked up some great deals along the way, and then it was getting to the point where I thought I may as well complete my collection!

I can't see myself wanting to switch systems anytime soon, which is a good job really ☺

Good choice. Is the best camera and also the cheappest...

No turning back now!

Now you only have to make your NX1 shoot video at 25600 ISO, and you are ready to go

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