70-300 CX lens error

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Re: 70-300 CX lens error

vangoghfan wrote:

Amplifiers do not have delicate moving parts whereas modern AFS VR lenses have motor, gyro.... which are prone to wear and aging.

That is in some ways true, but the quality of the components used in the design is at least as important. Bad quality items wear down quickly, good quality items stay for ever.

The 'gyros' in lenses, and modern RC equipment, have no moving parts, thus age very slowly, unless they are exposed to a lot of humidity, mechanical abuse, and salty environments!

I have had a lot of time building RC equipment, most of them equipped with electric motors, and some run flawlessly for ages, at 40,000 rpm or faster, while others disintegrate at rpms like that!

Quality items, like the motor in a Prius, have an extremely long expected life span, even though it turns at over 100,000 rpm for thousands of hours. Other like can motors in electric toys have a life expectancy of tens of hours.

The thing that sorted the bad amplifiers from the good ones was the fact that the switches, buttons, and volume controls feel exactly the same today as they did when I bought it. And note that all the volume controls were analog, so the often heard scraping noise when you changed the volume, would be more or less the norm, but there is none, even to this day.

Later transceivers we have owned have just not survived (we are on our third), while my old low-budget Sony just soldiers on, sounding just as great as it did when new.

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