70-300 CX lens error

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Re: 70-300 CX lens error

Paul Pasco wrote:

The focus, diaphragm and VR are all electronic and it seems that the failure with many of these lenses is the diaphragm unit or a cable. My 10mm is in the shop right now for the former. Most of my DSLR lenses are screw drive and it will be interesting to see down the road if my two AF-S lenses last as long.

My old Sony amplifier is also just electronics, and it is still going strong after 40+ years, so there is no reason the mileage will vary for modern lenses as well as some old ones, and don't forget: they are all being prone to be affected by fungus, mold, and delaminations.

Humid, hot, conditions shortens the life of any camera and lens, while dry, dust-free, and cool conditions will preserve them for ever! Salt water in the air shortens their life expectancy further, as will mechanical misuse.

One reason PSUs, and chargers, often die, is the fact that they quite naturally get hot, and often are in constant use. And often these wall-chargers are mounted in hot, dusty, out-of-the-way corners, where fresh cool air can't reach them!

I unplug most of my camera chargers when not in use, but not all my USB chargers, which I guess I should.

Fast chargers are prone to get very hot, and occasionally catch fire. One of mine did that 20 years ago, as I had fallen asleep while waiting for the charging to finish.

I almost died from asphyxiation, but the door out to the balcony was open, so a lot of the some vented outside. Being a former fireman I knew what to do: I crawled along the floor, out on the balcony, sipped some fresh air dived back in, doused the fire with water, and somehow managed to grab hold of the cables connecting charger to to the wall socket and dumped it outside, and the boiling batteries as well.

I was alive, but there was a big hole in the floor.

If it had been Li-Ion batteries I am not sure how it had ended as they burn like Molotov cocktails, but they were classic Ni-Cads so they just split open and leaked some gooey stuff on my floor.

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