70-300 CX lens error

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Re: 70-300 CX lens error

VadymA wrote:

Paul Pasco wrote:

In any case that's not a good sign for durability and I would be pretty upset if it were mine

I just ordered mine brand new and I am not happy with these news either. Hope it is not a trend. I guess I am being spoiled with my AF-D lenses that just keep clicking year after year with no issues. There is no af-s motor, no vr to fail.

We, the wife and I, have two, hers is one of the very first made (June 2014), and mine is two years old. No issues, except some dust inside mine, but that was easily sucked out with a vacuum cleaner hose (and a vacuum cleaner).

Have heard about the lock button falling off, that's all, before this poor guy!

Seems these lenses are very durable, but that one can fail twice is very worrying news!

You might remember my heavy fall, last spring, with camera in hand, which resulted in the lens and camera being buried in wet, sticky, mud, but absolutely no issues afterwards. I thought it was a true goner, and my insurance had lapsed ...

Some cleaning and it was as good as new!

My Sigma 150-600 Sports is built to take a tumble, it's really heavy-duty, but not all lenses are. Recently saw in the Nikon SLR Lenses group photos of a AF-S 105E taking a fall of an inch or so, onto a marble floor, which split the body of the lens!!!

I dropped my brand new 70-200/4.0G about two inches, straight down (it slipped out of its pouch), which turned the lens shade into scrap. Since then it has a nice metal hood, and no further issues!

Many years ago my K-5 and my Sigma 120-400, fell to the ground, while attached to my monopod (idiot me!) from about two feet of altitude, and the only thing that happened was that some of the electrical connections in camera's lens mount fractured, and that the LCD cover got a scratch!

For some reason, I was fully insured! So the camera was repaired for free!

Amazing durability, those Pentax cameras have!

Sadly the card reader in the camera later failed, and I was very worried as then I had no insurance, but Pentax Sweden were in a very good mood and gave me a new camera, free of charge!

Shook my belief in Pentax though (could a card reader not be repaired?), and then came the K-01 onto the market (a horrid Aussie-designed contraption), and I got a V1! The rest is, as they say, history! No Pentax no more! Just Nikon!

Actually my very first Pentax DSLR is still around, and I do have a film SLR version as well!

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