Tough TG-5. No Aperture Control = Lack of Creativity?

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Re: Tough TG-5. No Aperture Control = Lack of Creativity?

madra wrote:

If closing down the aperture is simulated via an ND filter, then does that mean that effectively you're shooting at ƒ2 all the time at 25mm and at the corresponding widest aperture for any other focal length?

Not quite. For any given focal length there are 3 possible apertures. Wide open, 1 stop down (a physical aperture) and 4 stops down (by adding a 3 stop ND filter). So at the wide end, the available apertures are f/2, f/2.8 and f/8.

If so, this would suggest that most shots with a subject close to the camera should have really shallow depth of field yet, in a lot of the sample images I've seen, the depth of field seems to be pretty much what you'd expect from a 'real' aperture at the given setting.

Check what focal length they were shot at. The lens stops down to f/4.9 at the telephoto end. There, the options would be f/4.9, f/6.3 and f/18. It's a small sensor camera, it never will be a DOF monster or provide the creativity options of a DSLR.

Can someone enlighten me? A semi-fixed aperture with exposure regulated purely by an ND filter would seem to severely limit your opportunities for making creative use of DOF and that's really putting me off what sounds, otherwise, like a very tempting camera.

This isn't exactly a secret. Many small sensor cameras use a ND filter to emulate smaller apertures. Why? It should be obvious, diffraction. With the pixel size of a 1/2.3" sensor, diffraction limiting kicks in early. It becomes relatively obvious by the time you reach f/8. Using a ND filters helps minimize diffraction issues.

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