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Alex Permit wrote:

toml99 wrote:

Posts from early purchasers showed (among other things) frustration over the lack of recognition by Nikon of the problem of blown highlights. To my knowledge there has never been a firmware version that addressed this.

Just a thought -- if there is any way to get the use of a newer D500 for a day or two and shoot it alongside yours, I think you will find a very big difference. Long term, it could be a good move to take a small loss on your existing D500 and pick up a new one. There is a huge difference between my original D500 and the one I have now. I have zero problems with blown highlights now.

This is all complicated by the fact that Nikon seems to like to tweak its matrix metering algorithm for every new camera it introduces. My D3s metered differently than my D4s, whch metered differently than my D5, and differently than my D500. In general I find my D500 (purchased a month ago) tends to UNDER expose relative to my D5. Or my D5 tends to OVEREXPOSE relative to my D500. Who is to say who is right? At this point I have come to accept a 2/3 stop variance as a subjective choice made by my camera.


This matches with my observations when comparing the D500 (purchased in Feb 2017) with the D90 -- see example shots in this thread. The D500 exposed by 2/3 of an f-stop less, compared to the D90.

Maybe Nikon optimises the metering for the sensor at hand. The sensor of the D500 might be particularly sensitive to overexposure (see the examples by Dyun27 and DavidAT), while providing good results with slight underexposure -- so Nikon introduced those -2/3 f-stop.

This would also be in agreement with the OP's observation that the D500 generally selects a lower ISO number.

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