Sexist Forum?

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Re: Sexist Forum?

Aha, d, made you look though, more than once, I might add . . .

P.S. Since your next-to-last post in this thread, I've checked under my bed every night . . . so far, no sexists to report of have been spotted . . .

d sullivan wrote:
Well, Sal. you will have to come up with another marginal subject
that you can post another 17 times to. This one is just about dead.


Sal Giambruno wrote:
Michael, PowerPet is the only female that has responded, as far as
I am aware.

Michael Puckett wrote:
So far a meriad of responses have been rec'd, the bulk in good
taste. I was wondering though, if by chance you noticed how many
members of the kinder sex commented in this thread?

- - -

Sal Giambruno wrote:

I believe I am noticing a sexist trend in this NG. To wit, when a
female (or someone with a feminine pen) posts a message,
interesting or not, she ends up with a flood of replies, most of
which are overly elaborate. On the other hand, when a male posts,
unless the question is of great interest, it goes largely
unnoticed. Is this a "Damsel in Distress" syndrome, or are my
observations without merit?

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