SSD or HDD for long term storage?

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Re: HDD -- not!

Sean Nelson wrote:

earthisle wrote:

If the mechanism is different then the enterprise drives may very well work better for long term storage. If you turn on a hard drive after 20 years and the head crashes into the platter, your data is gone

If you don't verify your files on a periodic basis and wait 20 years before checking to see if they're still OK then there's a pretty good chance they'll be gone no matter what kind of hard drive you use.

If you follow good practices and verify your files on a regular basis, I'd suggest that for a given investment in dollars you'd be better off using consumer media. That's because you can afford to buy more drives and use them to hold more copies of your data with cheaper consumer drives rather than expensive enterprise drives.

With regular verification, more copies trumps higher reliability - which is exactly why RAID arrays are used for critical online data storage. You never see companies saying "well we'll just buy Enterprise drives and that way we won't need to deal with all that RAID stuff", and for good reason.

Absolutely agree.

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