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Guy Parsons wrote:

aus4ever wrote:

A friend went to see his ENT specialist for his Tinnitus. The ENT specialist said he himself is suffering from the illness!

Sometimes if I can't sleep, I would put on a pair of in-ear phones and play Bach's Air on the G string or other kind of music that is really soft and relaxing. I would turn on the repeat function and adjust the volume just loud enough to be just audible. It often helps me to go back to sleep again. Perhaps you could try that?

I seem to just "tune out" from all the sounds and I can get to sleep relatively easily.

You mentioned Meniere's disease. BPPV has similar symptoms. I had a massive BPPV onslaught which recurred every a year or two though less severe. It's really a nightmare. Touch wood it hasn't come back for nearly 4 years.

What happened to me was regular vertigo attacks (about every two weeks) along with the hearing loss and tinnitus. Worst attack was about 6 hours of vomiting and dizziness, usually though only a couple of hours. It all seemed to start when some dumb previously used doctor put me on statins to lower cholesterol, they are a disaster and really bad for the liver. Manage that now by other means.

That's really bad.

Did a bit of reading and the vertigo attacks can be caused by sodium variation in the diet, so dropped back to a low sodium diet (avoid salt, MSG etc) and the vertigo attacks went away. The weird part is that the vertigo attack comes 4 days after an elevated sodium intake, so makes it confusing to track what caused it.

Too much sodium is also bad for blood pressure.  The problem is I can't resist having tasty Vegemite bagel crisps for snacks.   

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