Wide Angle lens for G80

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Re: Go the 9-18, I cry, with all the fervor of a dedicated fan boy!

WhiteBeard wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

I love this amazing little lens. Lovely and sharp throughout its range, but with a kind of smoohtness.

I have used it man and boy (in m43 terms) with the Olympus E-PL3, the Panny G6, the Panny GX7, and this very day, was photographing some interiors for a client with it on the G85 (your G80).

Small, light, takes a 52mm filter.

Two downsides:

  1. The Oly lens cap. Throw it away. Go to the nearest camera store (or eBay) and invest the generous sum of about $5 in a generic "pinch" lens cap. (This is Mr Clumsy speaking, with those lens caps with the grip on the edge, I have a remarkably prolific record of wiping a finger across the lens when it the cap slips, particularly when I have sunscreen on the fingers.)
  2. Oly's idiotic stinginess in not providing a lens hood. I got the rectangular one from JJ in China which cost about AU$20 delivered. Works a treat. BUT do not, do not, do NOT ever try to reverse it. It will jam. Just put it on the conventional way for proper use, and everything will be fine. (This is NOT Mr Clumsy speaking, this is a normal friendly neighborhood photographer who just did it, then found he had to wrestle it off. Remarkably, the lens survived in good working order, bt this normal friendly neighborhood photographer now has a bit of an obsession about this.)

Can you get past those two things? The rewards, once you have learned to get really close to stuff for strong foregrounds, are many and plenteous.

This is at 18, so equivalent to 35mm on FF. As at 9mm, the lens delivers a beautifully sharp image.

Your traditional wide, wide scenic -- well, mine, anyway. A cruise ship entering in Rabaul harbor.

Hello! Here we go with an external for a client. Yesterday evening. 1/3 second on the G85, while I stood on a chair and held the camera high. The built-in levels worked great as always tp keep the verticals vertical. NOTE the foreground plant which adds wonderfully to the picture. The 9-18 does the job again!!!

Geoff, two things here:

  1. This is the first - and probably last - time I see the word "normal" related to you.
  2. The EXIF data on your pics identifies the lens as the Panasonic 7-14 working at its 18 mm focal length; which just goes to show how great the Panny 7-14 really is!

The first picture says 7-14 but with 18 mm shot so I am confused

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