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Re: Dynamic range?

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... In OVF, how you know precisely how many stops you need to purposely underexpose to preserve sky?

This requires some basic photography knowledge and every skilled and experienced photographer knows how to do it, no matter what type of viewfinder he is using. If you have difficulties with that, I would recommend reading a good book about photography basics and practice.

As for the discussion, I find it utterly silly because EVF and OVF have their own pros and cons and at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preferences and nothing more. So trying to convince others that yours is bigger than theirs, endlessly repeating the same arguments, is a complete nonsense.


I would say that all you wrote is nonesense because if photographer could do it, we would not need camera to guess it and no photo would be spoiled due to incorrect exposure.

Humans do get it wrong and get it wrong many times. You may claim that you get it right everytime, I would say that it is so incredible a claim that without thorough proof i would call it a lie.

PS: This i say as a guy who shoot in manual mode and do this setting of exposure myself.

He has a good point. Take a look at this photo by PWPhotography , who wrote a countless umber of posts lecturing us on the superiority of EVF and its ability to prevent blown highlights and all that:

Can you stop posting my photos which you don't have right? You can quote link but not directly posting copyrighted protected image that is despicable behavior.

It is call fair use and I always post the link as well.

Still you against common rule that you don't have right to post copyright protected photos directly without original owners' agreement. Please respect the rules.

With highlight zebra pattern, I can preview and control what level of highlight to be preserved that depends on scene. If nothing needs to be preserved, no reason to purposely unexposed photos several stops. But even a bit severely underexposed, A7r still can push up shadows nice thanks to its excellent DR while your 5D2 will fall apart. A7r II has (much) more accurate zebra pattern and live histogram.

Blah-blah-blah. With all the lecturing, one would think that your photos would be technically perfect. Excellent DR, pushed shadows, zebras - and yet here is photo with blown highlights, and blocked shadows.

There is no blown highlights, and blocked shadows but I know you still can argue (well known with unconditionally deny or claim). But still do NOT shift the topic that EVF will ONLY give you option to preview the highlight thru Zebra and you can dial down whatever to your ideal level (not always 100% of highlight suppression is always good) in WYSIWYG preview and live histogram. OVF gives you nothing. A high-tech EVF with tons of info is better than a usually low-quality OVF (as in most DSLRs as not everyone owns or even uses 1Dx II everytime) without aids of options. That is the point, so don't shift around.

My point is still that today EVF is better than OVF in every aspect technically. Whatever OVF is better on your claim is basically personal preference and subjective, but not technically and scientifically.

Thx tried so hard to browse into my photos and picked up this one, but even this doesn't backup any of your claim, taken with the A7R

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