Wide Angle lens for G80

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Re: Wide Angle lens for G80

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I'm a relatively newcomer to MFT - G80 + 14-140, and so far very pleased with the results.

A wider angle lens would be a useful addition and the Olympus 9 - 18 looks an attractive option. Its small, light and selling for £400 in the UK (including a £75 cashback from Olympus).

I would appreciate any comments on the G80/85 9-18 combination and any incompatibility issues that may exist.

The 9-18 should be fine.

Other options are the Panasonic 7-14 f/4, Olympus 7-14 f/2 or a fisheye.

The 9-18 doesn't go as wide as those lenses, but is cheaper, smaller and lighter than the 7-14 zooms.


I was originally at the same point as the OP, being limited to 14 mm on the wide end and started with a good deal on ebay for the Samyang/Rokinon 7.5 mm fish-eye (fun but somewhat limited) and finally got another good deal on a used Panasonic 7-14 F4 which I love. I never was impressed by the IQ or build quality of the less expensive Oly 9-18 so I had to wait for an opportunity for that 7-14. Sometimes, patience does compensates for budgetary restrictions... As a side note, I find I'm using the Rokinon much less now that I have the 7-14.

I agree with these last comments by Whitebeard.  My experience exactly.  Lost my 9-18 at Glacier Pt Yosemite.  Much prefer P7-14, though it's 2x bigger.  Love the 7.5 FE for extra ultra-wide!

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