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Looking at your photos, I get the impression of looking at the work of someone just beginning the photography journey. Most of us remember a point when we took photos like the ones you show, its part of the learning process. There are ways to improve. Importantly, you need to recognize that these photos are not the end result that you want (if that is indeed the case). Many never get past this point and is the #1 reason IMO their photography never improves. If you can see in each of your photos, that something is a little (or very) "off balance" somehow, then you at least know that you can improve in some way.

Since you are just starting, my advice is to get a solid photography education, whether that is by taking classes, an apprenticeship, reading books, or online education (free is good too - check out B&H on Youtube). Find someone whose work you like - not all advice is good advice, so learn from the best. I would start with learning composition and perspective, then lighting, then posing, but that's just me. You can do it in any order.

As for the critique:

#1 - not flattering to the female figure. Expression is deadpan or angry. Background draws too much attention. It is unclear what clothing/accessory you are promoting.

#2 - angle is unflattering, perspective distortion is pronounced. Unless you are promoting the shoes, this is not a good angle. Hand placement is awkward. Background is distracting. Dappled lighting is not optimal.

#3 - Whole face is in shadow, highlights are blown out. Horizon bisects the head. Too much space above the head.

#4 - Better. Background is clean and lighting is more diffused. Still unclear what you are showcasing - need to make the fashion item more prominent. The eye direction is good, and pose is dynamic (good). A bit more separation of the arms from the body (esp the right) could help. Lighting needs to be increased on the model for separation. Foreground could be distracting. Angle is probably ok for fashion. Optionally, tilt the head slightly. A tighter crop will enhance this image significantly. Overall, this one is not too bad.

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