Fuji GFX 50S EVF flicker issue

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Re: Fuji GFX 50S EVF flicker issue

wuzup wrote:

I'm new on the site but have been reading all info on the Fuji GFX. I had a chance to handle the camera for about an hour and took a few sample shots at Samy's camera in L.A. that i brought home to play with. I love the camera and the files but have been holding back on purchase as I did experience many of the snafus memtioned by members here on the forum. The finder was big and bright but showed rainbow like bands that I found very distracting. They did not show in the files though. The finder was also pecking around for focus in bright afternoon sunlight on a clear day in S, California. I could weasel it into focus in a few seconds but would loose shots I usually get with my 35. It was an aw' s***! moment. I think left eye is waiting to hear back and I hope he lets us know how it goes because I think he encountered the same problem, maybe? Just FYI, I am a retired professional advertising photographer.

So then my question. Is this something you all think can be fixed with a download or is there a risk that this might be something systemic in the hardware that I would have to live with? TIA.

Are you linking an AF issue with the banding in the particular EVF you were looking through?

The issue we've been discussing is a flicker, not banding. And, I have not had an AF issue in low or bright light. I am using the 32-64 zoom. However, Jim Kasson has measured some misses with the 63mm & 120mm but my recollection of that blog post was there was nothing untoward.

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