First day out with the D7500

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Tbolt47 wrote:

photobob1950 wrote:

Beautiful photos! Congratulations!

Just wondering if you would care to share a few things? Do you use single or 9pt focussing? And metering, do you add any exposure compensation, are you using spot, average or centre weighted?

I unfortunately don't have a 7500 (yet), still using 7100.

Hi, glad you liked the photos. You've got some nice photos on your website.

I use 9 point for flying aircraft, as it's not always easy to keep the point point on target. I use center weighted for flying and when the weather is good with blue skies I normally just add +0.3 EC, if there is white clouds around I will go up a bit more and if there is no sun anything up to +2.3. With the D7100 when the light is constant I would go to manual, though didn't try that here with the D7500. I also leave Auto ISO on.

Thanks for replying Tbolt. Great minds think alike, that's what I do with my D7100 for aircraft shots. I regularly attend the Warbirds Over Wanaka airshow every second Easter here, and it's only about 30 mins from where I live. There's some pics on my website, luckily I don't need a monster lens like you use as the viewing areas are very close to the action here, a 70-300 is perfect. It's funny watching the punters turn up with their huge lenses, very soon the lenses have been changed to something smaller!

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