Art Filter Therapy: A photo trip to Lanzarote with 5 models and no need to post-process

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Re: Art Filter Therapy: A photo trip to Lanzarote with 5 models and no need to post-process

acahaya wrote:

myess wrote:

First, great pictures!

Ghank you Matt

Second, you hit a chord that Fuji is playing very loudly and well. BTW I am a long time Oly shooter and will continue to be.

There is no doubt that PP is necessary in some circumstances but where OLY/PANA/SONY etc have gone wrong is JPGs.

Do you think Oly went wrong with the JPGs? I cannot tell for Panny and Sony but i like Oly JPGs and the settings they offer.

i don't think they went wrong but could do better  I like a couple of their offerings but, after seeing what Fuji and VSCO can do, maybe there is more.  I think they can optimize the JPGs and make it more of an emphasis.  They do well but can do better.

Actually where they missed an opportunity is understanding people's time. Fuji spent a lot of time, energy and expertise honing their jpgs. Like it or not that is a huge selling point to have out of camera pictures ready to go to save TIME. I have show their cameras and that is a very fun thing to do. It would be a great firmware update from any of these companies with art filters/simulations that are crafted to the processor/manufacture to best showcase what is possible. From there you can change the highlights/crop/shadows etc. It all amounts to seeing a great image from your work, immediately, that you are able to send out. These companies now have to compete with iphones which provide immediate gratification and 1,000s of filters. Instagram is prime example.

I mentioned before that i'd love to have more conntrol regarding the settings and strength of art filters and would like to create my own styles, Who knows, maybe someone is reading here and giving us what we want with a future FW update

i hope they do!  Rumor is they read this.

An example would be for one of the mirrorless to partner with VSCO or another digital color expert/company to come up with different filters. From there you could upload different filters to your camera and really get what you want, every time. I would PAY for these.

Cool, with access to itunes or google this might even be a business model

now that is a good idea.  I would pay a couple dollars for a couple great filters.  Time is money

For example, why does the PEN F have that great monochrome 2 but the EM1.2 doesn't? How frustrating! What if I could upload a Provia filter that is tweaked to my liking and then upload the filter to the camera?

Good idea!


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