Foggy morning with X-T20 and 3 lenses

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Re: Awsome images!

HB1969 wrote:

deednets wrote:

HB1969 wrote:

I've always thought of NZ as part of Australia ... just kidding

I often think of NZ as a second home, a relative moved there about 20 yrs ago so we visit quite often.

Well I guess you are demi-right as the main banks are owned by OZ and I believe Russell Crowe is an Aussie too, like Sam Neill or Crowded House.

You can keep Russell but Sam Neill and Crowded House are definely ours along with the late-great John Clarke

Can we claim Fight of the Concords too? I don't think they've ever lived in Australia but I definely vote for claiming them as one of our own

"Don't mention the ... pav, right??"

Blasphemer! Pav is definitely ours! The earliest record to a NZ pavlova is for a layered jelly, not the light and airy meringue

All good fun!! I wasn't born in neither and spent some years trying to decide where in OZ I wanted to plant my wee tent, but then I liked NZ better (come to think of it the Aussies never really wanted me might have had something to do with it also )


I can easily find out where you live, buddy

A neutral source maybe?? Thrown in the mix?? But then: those are Brexitters, so what do they know??

Not easy aye??

And regarding the Conchords: they might have had the odd live feed to some of your goggle-boxes, but that is about it. (was that all now?? Should I mention Rugby?? ... *ponders*)


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