Art Filter Therapy: A photo trip to Lanzarote with 5 models and no need to post-process

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Re: Art Filter Therapy: A photo trip to Lanzarote with 5 models and no need to post-process

acahaya wrote:

Tommi K1 wrote:

acahaya wrote:

I usually do a lot of postprocessing and also specifically expose for postprocessing, which usually results in RAW files that are flat and have low contrast because i then have more room for corrections in the raw converter and later on in Photoshop. I then save all those RAW files on my hard disk and on two backup drives and wait for proper inspiration to create something really special out of them .... but i never look at them or even show them because they look boring straight out of the cam.

Some weeks ago i noticed that i kind of lost my inspiration and photography somehow was not as much fun anymore as it used to be. I also realized that i now have a backlog of more than 1000 images waiting for future editing and that i was getting more and more sloppy regarding exposure and composition because i could easily fix this in LR and PS.
The reason is that i somehow forgot that photography used to be about getting it right from the start.

Yeah, familiar story that you can hear from many.


What i usually get to hear is that using ooc jpgs is for amateurs only, art filters, presets and image styles are bs and real photographers are using RAW only.

I have never heard "Hey it is fun to shoot raw, use specific JPG settings to create a look and spend time on the beach instead of photoshoping" from someone like me who did extensive post processing for the last 15 years or so

Eh, there's always a certain degree of snobbery against art filters, tho at the same time I've often seen praise for a few of them (specially high contrast monochromes)... I don't think there's anywhere near as much of a general bias against shooting RAW+JPEG and getting things as right as possible in-camera tho...

Oly and Fuji JPEG processing is praised quite often, even in DPR and other site's reviews, and there's still complaints about other brand's JPEGs... If nobody was using them nobody would care. I've only had cameras with RAW capabilities for half a decade or so but it always made sense to me to shoot RAW+JPEG.

Oly does let you develop the RAWs in camera as well as apply the filters later, so there's that approach too... I see no downside to shooting both tho, outside of like bursts for really fast action or something. Cards are cheap... Well, a little more expensive lately as flash prices shot up but still.

Edit: Oh and nice shots! My fave is the first too, tho the last one kinda begs to be looked at in a larger screen than what I'm currently using here.

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