Low-light, fast lenses for a6300

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Re: Low-light, fast lenses for a6300

jiana wrote:

Ideally I'd like to have both a telephoto lens and a prime.

The telephoto would mainly be used for dance photography (mainly in low light) and I guess zoom for that setting would make things a bit easier - that g master lens sounds amaaazing, but damn it's pricey.

Additionally, or once I've got some more money together I'd love to buy a prime lens for portraits or filming.

well for a fast zoom, be prepared to spend a lot of money and have the heaviest lenses of the e-mount line.  fast and zoom = $$$$

the 70-200 f4 can be found used for 1000-1200 usually, but i wouldn't call it "great in low light." but that's the tele zoom you probably want.  There's a 55-210mm that's less expensive, but the minimum aperture is much higher, so it's worse in low light.

i'd try to rent some lenses, and then you might end up getting something like a 35mm 1.8 and an 85mm 1.8, not a zoom.

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