Art Filter Therapy: A photo trip to Lanzarote with 5 models and no need to post-process

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Re: Art Filter Therapy: A photo trip to Lanzarote with 5 models and no need to post-process

Jeff4500 wrote:

For me it depends on what I am shoot and what. Is it to create art or memories. With today's cameras shoot RAW/JPEG doesn't really impose a penalty. as 50% stills/ 50% video shooter some for memories and some for art/commercial I have a good sense of what I need and how to get them quickly done.

But I find that good B&W's are, for me, not SOOC stuff.

I think your point about balance between life, hobbies, work (Am i the only one who thinks that maybe we are spending too much time worrying about perfect technical image quality and wasting time with hours of post processing instead of planning ahead, take good pictures that do not require a lot of postprocessing and spend time with our loved ones or other hobbies instead of sitting in front of Photoshop?) kind of applies to all we do. For some, me included, Dark Room/video processing has been a part of my hobby/work for a long time and I enjoy it (especially on the 365 rainy days Oregon get ever yearly:)), working on images is better than moaning about the 2" of rain in a day.

I find that most of my hobbies are integrated (Astronomy - astro photos,/ still photography / video travel & shorts / Music (for videos) keyboard/NLE). My yard I guess you could call a hobby (setting up critter environments along the creek and forest that is 2/3 of my yard for - you guessed it photo/video ops). My wife has an art studio for her work and we often ask each other for consultation on this piece or that piece. Plus if you shoot in a group or with groups that is great social interaction (made friends just by going to the same place).

I'd say with out the various programs I use my commercial stuff and my "Art" would not be as good - but then use a lot of things in PS that you can't find in camera (layers for one).

Any you post has some thought provoking stuff and is quit different from the "m43 is not used by real photographers":)

Yes, it seems that a blend of all of our activities (including releasing shutters and post-processing raw files) will constantly change depending on our interests, stage of development, subject matter, intended viewership, lifestyle and competing interests and responsibilities.

There's no prescriptive answer to OOC vs raw processing.

However I suspect that no one would be able to do what you do at   using OOC jpegs!

especially this:!! 

Thanks for sharing your work and your insight.

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